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Tattoo Idea

eyeI’ve been musing for years about getting another tattoo.  A friend of mine recently started talking about getting her first tattoo, in conversation with her, it started me thinking more in the here and now about my next.  

I’ve literally been developing this tattoo in my head for 7 years.  This one is going to be far more personal, and as such I wasn’t going to rush into it.  The idea started as a simple tattoo of my daughter’s names, but found that a little too “plain” for my liking.  Being the computer geek that I am, I was thinking of getting their names encoded in either binary, hashed with MD5 or encryped with RSA, Blowfish or some other cipher.  After some thought I just though the idea was a little too “geek” for me. 😉

Slowly the idea started to morph to include other things that are important to me; this idea had some legs and resulted in some ideas of a design that looked like a coat of arms; but it still wasn’t right.  A Coat of Arms is very flat, and while I had some good ideas, I just couldn’t see them as a tattoo.

My recent idea, which I believe hits what I’ve trying to accomplish perfectly, is a montage of sorts.  The main focus would be an eye, much like the image you see here with this post.  In the eye would be the reflection of the things I care about, pay no attention to the skull in the image to the right, it was the best eye I could find.  So far the reflected images would represent my kids, family, my love of things like wine and food, racing and computers too.  It isn’t a perfect idea yet, but it’s coming along.

Problem I see if how real I want this to look.  I don’t want the eye to look like a tattoo, it has to look completely real.  Likewise I don’t want it to have to be too big but I want the “reflections” to be clear.  Finally I need to find an artist who can actually pull this off, that I think might be the hardest part of all of this.

Hopefully with a bit of luck I’ll finally get this tattoo.

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