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Burrito Boyz Vs. El Sombrero GTA Burrito Challenge

Burrito Boyz has become somewhat of a Toronto phenomenon; word of mouth is amazing, line out the door, packed EVERY day at lunch no matter what location you go to.  Well, the other day I finally made it to the Burrito Boyz on Lakeshore, and as luck, or bad culinary planning, would have it I happen to have a burrito from another restaurant the previous night for comparison sake.

In the right corner, weighing in at 3 locations around the GTA and counting we have Burrito Boyz. <cue cheer>

In the left corner, weighting in at 1 location (Mississauga @ Highway 10 and 401) we have El Sombrero. <cue cheer>

There are 4 things I look for in a burrito; meat, salsa, tortilla, flavour penetration.

Meat: I’ve got to give this to El Sombrero, they use actual chicken breast chopped up in cubes or chunks of beef, not a mush.  Burrito Boyz, for their beef burrito, uses a typical ground beef mix, I think that alters the texture and makes everything into a mush.

Salsa: Again, I’ve got to give this to El Sombrero.  They use a hand made Pico de Gallo and not a typical wet salsa.  I’m a fan of Pico over a traditional salsa and El Sombrero uses a bunch of cilantro in their Pico, it isn’t right unless there is tons of cilantro.  Borrito Boyz on the other hand uses what I would call a traditional tomato based salsa, it lacks the flavour and freshness of a hand made Pico.  Not sure if Burrito Boyz make their salsa themselves, but I suspect not.

Tortilla: This is more a personal preference.  Burrito Boyz grills their burrito after it is wrapped, this gives the outside a crunchiness, but I find it makes holding things together more difficult.  El Sombrero uses a non-grilled tortilla, I prefer the El Sombrero way, but this is very subjective.

Flavour Penetration: Hands down the winner here is El Sombrero, the fresh Pico, Guacamole and what appear to be higher quality ingredients with a large dose of cilantro oozes flavour, every bite is different.  I felt the Burrito Boyz had a very 1 dimensional taste, it lacked flavour depth when compared to the El Sombrero, every bite was the same.

All in all I’ve to give this match to El Sombrero as a knock out.

Having recently returned from the San Francisco area, where Mexican food such as this is abundant, I’d hold El Sombrero up to any burrito place I’ve eaten at thus far, it is THAT good.

Better luck next time Burrito Boyz.

Now, can someone finally try and make a great simple REAL taco in the GTA?  Something like Taco El Pastor?  Little bit of spicy pork, hand made tortilla and a splash of onion and cilantro, so simple yet so good.

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