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DELL Latitude E6500/6400 Performance Issues

November 30, 2009 2 comments

Slashdot just posted a story about performance issues with DELL’s Latitude E6500/6400 series notebooks; this is noteworthy simply because I have/had the EXACT same problem.  DELL replaced my motherboard twice and cooling system once and the problem finally went away, for how long, who knows.  Screen shot below of my system when the problem was in full swing.  You can see Intel Speedstep kicking in to throttle the effective Mhz of the CPU.


DELL E6500 Performance Issue

DELL E6500 CPU Throttling



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The CrossFit Continues…

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Back in the gym after pulling that muscle it felt real good to get back.   Two WODs this week, Wednesday and Saturday both killers but of a different sort.


5 Minutes Max Push-Ups


Box Jumps & Wall Balls

This was one hell of a core work out but I didn’t know it at the time.  The next day my entire core was sore, and the shoulders were screaming after the pushups.  I’ve got a lot of work to do on upper body strengths, only managed 28 in 5 minutes.  Then it was onto the wall balls and box jumps.  Box jumps are pretty self explanatory, jump from a stand to a box, jump off.  Wall balls involved throwing a 15lbs medicine ball at a high of about 8 ft, catching on at squat down and exploding up with your legs from the squat to throw the ball.  It’s a HELL of a core work out.

Today was a much longer WOD that I’ve done before.


  • 100 Squats
  • 100 Pull Ups
  • 100 Push Press

The above was for time, alternating between each activity every minute.   Took me just over 23 minutes and I was DEAD at the end.  I’m sure this one will have me sore for a few days, but I must admit that some of this is getting easier.  Squats aren’t as bad as they were, today was with some weight, only the 15lbs bar as I’m still a little worried about my wrists and I think I’ll progress up quickly on the squats.  Pull Ups still kick my ass, my main weakness is upper body strength.

All in all a good couple of days.  Back at the gym on Monday assuming I’m not too sore after today…

Adwords: My First Experience (updated)

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m not a web designer or SEO expert – IT Management, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Storage &  Virtualization are my area of expertise.  However I do have a “Jack of All Trades” background and love learning new stuff.  Helping out some friends with their new website, Square One CrossFit, has exposed me to an area I don’t deal with – web advertising and specifically Google Adwords.  I used Adwords for the first time in the last few days after having received a great offer from Google on $100 credit.  Interestingly enough I was looking at Adwords a few weeks ago for the CrossFit website but never got around to doing anything with it; the offer of $100 sure changed that.  Here in starts my troubles with Adwords, and as someone who uses just about every single other Google product/service I was disappointed.

Starting off with logging into the site I was informed that my credit couldn’t be used since my account wasn’t under 15 days (I think) old.  So while I never used my account, never setup a single campaign & never provided my credit card info I couldn’t use this credit because I wasn’t considered a “new” user.  Emailing Google resulted in a canned response pretty much telling me I was SOL.  No problem, I’ve got many an email address, so I created a new account so I could use the credit.

Google insisted that before I get my $100 credit that I provide my credit card number, not the most customer friendly approach, but so be it.  New account setup I applied the code for the credit and something quite magical happend, the code was accepted but interestingly not a single penny of the $100 credit appeared in my Google Adwords account.  I tried entering the code again and was told the code was invalid.  Some Google searching later and it turns out the code requires $20 to “activate” the account.  Let’s see, $100 “Free” credit for spending $20, hrm, where did the free go?

Now I was just getting frustrated, I decided to heck with this and I’ll just cancel my account – Not so easy.  It seems to cancel one must contact support, but from what I can tell that just “deactivates” your account.  I don’t know about you but I’m no fan of deactivated accounts, particularly when my credit card is being saved.  I tried to find someway of contacting Google buy Adwords support basically never led to any kind of email address or way of contacting support – Purposely obfuscated I suspect as people who answer emails cost money.  Finally after about 45 minutes of searching I emailed Google Adwords support and asked them to close and remove the credit card associated to my account.  In the same email I referenced my other “old” Adwords account number and asked them to close that too, I wasn’t too hopeful, expecting yet another canned response.

About 90 minutes later the “new” account suddenly had a credit of $100 – Odd it suddenly started to work.  So off to work I went, defined a new campaign, chose my keywords and waited for the new customers to roll to the website.  I have to hand it to Google, Adwords is impressive once you’re in.  Setting up a campaign was dead easy.  I had everything setup in minutes and started doing test searches waiting for those customers to roll in as I’ve said – But it never happened, search after test search I didn’t see a single hit to the site.  Much poking in Google’s Adwords support site and else where led me to the conclusion that it can take hours for Ads to start showing up once added to the system – Much like the credit apparently little is “real time” with Adwords.

I waited a few hours and logged back into Adwords to check if the ad had been served and discovered that my account had been shut down.  Apparently the email I sent to support had been received – not acknowledged, but received and actioned.  My account was gone – Amazingly even the older account was deactivated – very surprising since I didn’t provide any evidence that that account even belonged to me! *tsk tsk* Google.  Unfortunately this also means my $100 “new customer” credit is also gone and I’m not holding onto hope for my $20 either.

So now I’m back at “SquareOne minus $100 credit” and I’m sorely disappointed with my entire experience with Adwords.  But it isn’t necessarily Adwords itself that I’m having a problem with but more specifically the lack of customer service from Google in getting this all going – It was and is painful.  I use MANY of Google’s other products, Google Apps for Domains, Google Reader, obviously Google Search, Google Maps, Google Docs, and I even have a Google Wave account.  I’m disappointed, Google Adwords is Google’s primary product, it’s the one that keeps the lights on, it’s how they make their money pure and simple.  Having experienced this I have to say I’m shocked that Google’s marquee product isn’t FAR easier to use, with far more customer service and attention.  My main area of complain is more to do with how the entire system isn’t “real time” yet nothing ever tells the user this is the case.  My credit took ages to show up in my account, not something I’m used to with other online purchases.  Sure I wasn’t going to spend much on Ads, but I am spending something at cents per click and “something” is how Google makes their money, one click at a time.

Now to find another coupon and try this all over again. *sigh*

If someone from Google Adwords product management wants to talk, feel free to contact me, your “usability” needs work.

Update: Received a “Customer Satisfaction” survey from Google, filled it out and provided a link to this post in the comment section.  Let’s see if I get a response.

Update #2: Ad Words just started magically working and my account apparently exists again.  Weird.

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