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DELL Latitude E6500/6400 Performance Issues

Slashdot just posted a story about performance issues with DELL’s Latitude E6500/6400 series notebooks; this is noteworthy simply because I have/had the EXACT same problem.  DELL replaced my motherboard twice and cooling system once and the problem finally went away, for how long, who knows.  Screen shot below of my system when the problem was in full swing.  You can see Intel Speedstep kicking in to throttle the effective Mhz of the CPU.


DELL E6500 Performance Issue

DELL E6500 CPU Throttling



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  1. Daniel
    December 28, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    I am from Brasil, I own an E6500, it’s been a headache since the first day, the fucking worst computer I ever owned. Dell had 2 motherboards changed in the first one, finally they sent another computer to replace the first one (after the problems persisted). The second computer is not freezing, but it is slow. I have another laptop that should be a lot slower, but is real usage situations the E6500 is a lot lot lot worse. The mouse pointer movement is full of “mini-freezes” and the interface is far from being acceptably responsive. Using Photoshop tools is a task adequate to the patience of Zen-monks (ex. the eraser tool acts a couple os seconds before I use it). I really don’t know what to do, sometimes I feel like throwing this expensive piece of junk through the window. Please if you know what may be causing this situation, contact me!!


  2. December 28, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    Daniel, go read the DELL Forums, the problem is well documented and has to do with overheating of the GPU. It affects both Intel and Nvidia GPUs and is more pronounced when the laptop if docked and an external monitor is used. Before my motherboard was replaced I could replicate the problem by simply playing a YouTube video.

    Good Luck!


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