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Sous Vide Experiments Continue

Lamb Sous Vide Pan Seared in unsaled butter and finished with blowtorch

Tonight I sous vide Ontario lamb chops at 134F for 2 hours, they were great!  Mint and garlic marinade penetrated the meat like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  After this I’m excited to try a rack of lamb.

I also picked up hunk of flank steak as well as a flat iron.  I’m very curious on the flat iron since it has a great amount of connective tissue I expect it will sous vide very well, time will tell.

Currently have the chimichurri marinated flank steak in the SousVide Supreme and will be cooking it for about 30 hours.  Not sure how I’ll sear it, might use the pan, but the blowtorch is proving very effective.   Will be making fajitas with it for tomorrow night’s dinner.

I get most of my meat at Medium Rare, they’re at Dundas & Kipling and are my go to butcher.  If you’re looking for very good premium meat, I can’t recommend them enough.

I’m going to give salmon and chicken a go later in the week, a man can only eat so much red meat!

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