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Why I CrossFit

November 4, 2010 1 comment

I haven’t blogged in a while but a recent thread in a CrossFit group on Facebook had me thinking; why do I crossfit? ┬áHere is my reasoning:

I typically find myself at a loss for words, when asked to explain it.

I can talk about losing ~50-60lbs, gaining muscle, stamina, loosing 5″ from my waist, etc etc but that doesn’t explain how different CrossFit work outs are. How each and every one of us encourage each other to push hard through each work out. Working out at Globo gym is done alone, there is no team, it’s you and the weight, solitary. In CrossFit my peeps at the gym are my teammates, not competitors, they want me to do the best I can possibly do on a WOD as I can.

Like many sports one does not get beat by the competition, you only have one person to blame for losing, yourself. One does not lose a round of golf because Tiger played well that day, you have no control over that, you didn’t play well enough is why you lost. In CrossFit it’s the same thing, if I come second in a WOD or last in a CrossFit Comp, I wasn’t beat, I beat myself.

Doing the best I can is why I keep pushing and why my team mates keep pushing me and THAT IS WHY I DO CROSSFIT.

Granted the results do speak for themselves too:

Paul Before CrossFit

Paul Results