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The Etymology of Unicorn Tears

May 23, 2012 2 comments

Amazing and wondrous things happen when two like minded, devilishly fantastic and curious individuals have brunch, or sometimes silly things, this is one of those times.  After a few jokes the term “Unicorn Tears” was uttered, actually in reference to some medicine, and it made us think, where did this currently fashionable term originate from?

The phrase Unicorn Tears has been around for quite some time, but for the life of me I can’t find the etymology.  My Google Fu is very strong, unfortunately trying to determine the etymology of this pop culture phrase is difficult.  Google’s search index is absolutely contaminated with references to “Unicorn Tears” thanks to the popularity of the phrase and the use in many recent Internet Meme.

My usual source for such information is typically Urban Dictionary, unfortunately this time around their definition comes up a short, the various meanings are given but no etymology.  I turned to twitter, but the one person that replied simply pointed me back to Urban Dictionary, as if I didn’t check their first.

The two meanings, abridged, from Urban Dictionary:

1) Snake Oil (The most common usage)

2) Male Ejaculate

I’m primarily focused on the first meaning as that’s the usage that is so popular.  So my question dear reader, where did this phrase start?  Movie?  Book?  TV?  Was there a “Ground Zero” Internet meme that started it all?  Surely someone knows, and if you do, please comment below, or tweet me @paulmon.

My guest for brunch this past weekend hasn’t offered me a reward, but I’m thinking impressing her just might get me another brunch where we can discuss similar mind blowing topics.